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The “Diamonds World Tour” is back ! Indeed, Rihanna is performing tonight at “Mawazine Festival” in Rabat, Morocco. She will be on stage at 10:45pm (Europe time) and 9:45pm (British time). “Medi1TV” will broadcast the show. We’re doing a live coverage of the show. Below you’ll find latest information and photos.

10:36pm: We added the first pictures of Rihanna’s stage in Rabat.
| 24 May ~ “Mawazine” festival in Rabat [Fan pictures] | 03 photo(s).

10:55pm: Rihanna’s performance won’t be broadacasted. We’re still doing a live coverage and we’ll be adding fan pictures as soon as they are available.
11:59pm : Rihanna is on stage !
00:12am: You can see below the first picture of Rihanna on stage tonight.
| 24 May ~ “Mawazine” festival in Rabat [Fan pictures] | 04 photo(s).

00:12am : Rihanna is performing “Rockstar 101” !
01:09pm : We added an new picture of Rihanna performing tonight.
| 24 May ~ “Mawazine” festival in Rabat [Fan pictures] | +01 photo(s).

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