Katy Perry ‘Wouldn’t Mind Rihanna Duet’

Katy Perry and Rihanna have been spending a lot time together recently, and it’s hoped their new found friendship could result in a collaboration.
The pair have been photographed on vacation in Barbados, as well as partying together in New York – and when asked if there was plans to hit the studio to record a duet, Perry told Extra “I wouldn’t mind!”
Speaking on Rihanna’s welfare, Katy added: “She’s fine, she’s happy. Happy girl… She’s smiling.”
The ‘Waking Up In Vegas’ star also refused to discuss the Chris Brown / Ri incident, adding: “We’re just friends. I don’t get into her business.”
“I think people don’t really know the situation of what’s going on unless they’re in the situation. I think it’s respectful to not even talk about it.”

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