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Jessica Alba and Kerry Washington, two celeb supporters of the international organization that has – since 1998 – raised more than $60 million to stop global violence against women, also spoke about the recent Hollywood drama about Rihanna’s alleged assault by boyfriend Chris Brown. “When things happen publicly, it just makes it a more universal problem that more people can relate to,” Jessica Alba told the Associated Press. “Whether it’s about the Congo or about celebrities, domestic violence is a social illness that does not discriminate,” Kerry Washington told the Dish Rag. “We have to start talking more openly about this.” Eve referred to Rihanna’s alleged assault and the shooting deaths of three members of Jennifer Hudson’s family last year, telling the audience, “All these women are our sisters.” We spoke to Eve about the large number of reader comments on the Dish Rag blog implying that Rihanna may have been to blame for the alleged attack.

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