Rihanna at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Los Angeles on March 14, 2019

Is Rihanna going on tour this year?

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Rihanna looks fierce as she dines at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica on Thursday evening. Dressed in all-white, Rihanna rocked cornrows as she left the restaurant alongside her bodyguards.

Will Rihanna go on tour this fall?

According to new article published by Kenyan’s The Star, Rihanna is supposedly touring later this year. The new was broken Mike Strano who is the founding director of Phat! Productions.

Apparently Strano obtained a letter from her management that stated that Rihanna is going on tour this fall. They are loooking at September 1-October 31.

According to Strano, Rihanna is eyeing 2-3 shows in Africa.

Yes, I believe Rihanna will get at least 2-3 shows in Africa, probably Johannesburg and Cape Town, as traditional markets for such A-listers. Then maybe Lagos.”

Since the word got out this morning, Kenya and Tanzania also sent an inquiry.

Since we put the word out this morning, we’ve had an inquiry from Kenya and Tanzania. We expect one from Uganda, as they’ve also hosted A-listers before.

The letter also states Rihanna will be travelling with 60 people and will of course need appropriate accommodation as well as transportation to and from the hotel during the tour.

Rihanna has not released an album since January 2016. Later that year she went on ANTI World Tour that was highly successful around the world.

What do you think? Is the tour really coming? If so, when do you think we will get new music?

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