More info about Rihanna's Mattemoiselle lipsticks

More info about Rihanna’s Mattemoiselle lipsticks

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Well, it looks like Christmas came early for makeup lovers because yesterday Rihanna released all the details of her Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick Collection. After weeks of hinting at a possible new launch on Instagram and an official announcement last week, the singer and beauty mogul released all the info about the matte lipsticks, which go on sale December 26.

We already know there are 14 shades in the line including classic colors like red and nude as well as bolder hues such as navy and periwinkle. And in a continuation of Rihanna’s quest for a totally inclusive makeup brand, all of the shades are meant to work on any and all skin tones.

“I wanted a lipstick collection where every shade works on every skin tone,” Rihanna says via the press release sent out today. “I wanted to prove that lipstick is meant to be fun, not feared.”

Helping ease some of those fears is the shape of the lipstick as well. The bullet is super slim — more reminiscent of a tinted lip balm than a super pigmented matte lipstick — making it easy to follow the perimeter of your lips and stay in the lines.

More info about Rihanna's Mattemoiselle lipsticks

But most importantly, we now know what every single one of the 14 shades looks like, which you can see above. There is Ma’Damn (a blue-based red), Spanked (a dusty rose), Candy Venom (electric pink), Saw-C (tangerine), Up 2 No Good (nude peach), Single (rosy nude), Freckle Fiesta (terracotta), Shawty (warm chestnut), PMS (espresso), Midnight Wasabi (deep green), Ya Dig?! (periwinkle blue), Clapback (true navy), One of the Boyz (wild lilac), and Griselda (burgundy).

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