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In newest Rolling Stone issue you can read something about music video for ‘California King Bed’. The video was filmed some days ago. Quote from Rolling Stone:
“Today Rihanna is at a soundstage in Hollywood, expanding her brand even further. She’s the centerpiece of Nivea’s 100th-anniversary campaign, a 1.5 billion dollar marketing effort including TV spots and sponsorship of her summer tour. Today she’s filming the video for her next single, “California King Bed” which Nivea is helping underwrite in exchange for using the song in her ads. Jay-Z is in the building too, showing his support while Cuban. But when Rihanna isn’t ready, even Hov has to wait.

“What up, fellas!” Rihanna says as she strides on set, wowing a bunch of union guys in cargo shorts with her flowing see-through nightgown and white lace underwear. She’s about to film some scenes with Nathan, a model she hand-picked herself. There were actually two finalist, so yesterday they both came to the set to show Rihanna their abs. Nathan’s clearly won.

Today she greets him with a handshake and an icebreaker: “Hi, I’m Rihanna, nice to meet you. No boners.” The cameras roll and as they lie there, caressing in bed, her song plays over the speakers. A slow sexy ballad about skin on skin, it includes a rather risque line about having “a little last night on these sheets” – which is presumable not a reference to Nivea Soft Intensive Moisturizing Creme.”

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