Flawless Flashback Friday: Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Show

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It’s a Friday and it’s Paris Fashion Week season, so I think it’s best we have a little flashback on last year’s season. It’s time for Flawless Flashback Friday ladies!

Paris Fashion Week 2014 was filled with all types of slayage and beauty thanks to a certain woman who showed everyone, and I mean EVERYONEhow to really rock designer clothes and look flawless while doing it. The mystery woman happens to go by the name of Rihanna. WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE A FASHION ICON. Yes, the Queen went to Fashion Week in Paris and made fashion history. My personal favorite appearance she made at the fashion shows that week was hands-down the Chanel Show. And I’ll explain exactly why, now.

She came into the building like she owned the whole place. She rocked a silvery lilac Chanel boucle ensemble, complete with the matching shoes and matching diamond encrusted fanny pack. So much light and joy was brought and felt at the show as soon as her godly self appeared. She even lept to the catwalk following the stunning catwalk show set in a supermarket as she stormed through the aisles even climbing into a shopping trolley with supermodel Cara Delevingne heading straight for the drinks aisle, of course. She looked classy and beautiful and her entire look will go down in flawlessness history. We hope she attends the Fashion Week this week even though there’s only a few days left. Her presence in Paris is definitely needed right now!


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