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Sexy, Risky, Fierce and Yaaaaasss are the few words that define this iconic fashion moment that Rihanna executed so confidently and effortlessly.

Rihanna stepped out on the 29th of March, 2012, to continue her promotional duties in London for her first big movie Battleship wearing a flawless Stella McCartney floral printed silk blouse and pretty much nothing else.

An astonishing look like this deserves endless praising and thankfulness because she took a risk and created a real fashion moment for herself and this outfit is one of the obvious reasons as to why she is a Fashion Icon today. Risk-taker is Rihanna’s middle name and is the reason why everyone looks up to her style and everything she does with fashion.


Can we now put fashion aside and discuss how beautiful and flaw-free her hair and make-up is? No? Ok. The pictures speak for themselves anyways. Enjoy!

My name is Kareem and today we’re starting our new series: Flawless Flashback Friday. Every week we will look back at some of the most iconic Rihanna looks. Along with Throwback Thursday it will be one of our weekly posts.

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