Chris Martin: “Rihanna is the third most attractive lady in the world”

Speaking to ET Canada, Chris Martin have rated Rihanna as the third best lady in the world – after wife Gwyneth Paltrow, who took up No.1 and No.2, of course. However, Rihanna’s got competition from Beyoncé and Cameron Diaz, who are tied to the third place. Martin said:

“I think she’s the third most attractive lady in the world. My first and second is the same person [Gwyneth], she gets two. Rihanna’s a distant third. Cameron Diaz is up there as well, she’s third. There’s a few thirds, Beyoncé is third as well? Naming all these great ladies. This is a silly conversation! This is going to be the headline, I’ve just screwed up the whole interview.”


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