Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend talks about Rihanna

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From An ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown’s has come forth to dish some of the details as to what happened before the two of them began dating and the night of their scheduled Grammys performance. She says that she used to date Chris when she was 17 and he was 16 and that he didn’t like Rihanna before they got together. She says that Rihanna hit him in the face, but the picture will never surface and that she had been beating up on him. She adds that Chris hit Rihanna once and that his forehead was bruised because they were fighting and he stopped the car. Her face either hit the wheel or the dashboard. She adds that there were no bite marks, and that the incident was caused when Rihanna read a text on his sidekick, got mad, “mushing” it in his face, which caused his nose to bleed. I’m calling BS on this whole thing. For one, how does she know if he only hit her once, was she in the car that night? Nope. I think she’s trying to use the incident to get press. She fails, I’m not even printing her name.

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