Chatting with Rihanna’s makeup artist Lora Arellano

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There is not a “YAAASSSSSS” in the world long or loud enough to accurately explain how stunned we were by Rihanna’s latest photo shoot, the gorgeous spread for TUSH Magazine. After a weekend spent drooling over the photos (and googling “pros and cons of dyeing hair silver”) we regained composure for long enough to chat with Rih’s makeup artist, Lora Arellano (who did the flawless makeup for the shoot).

We have a theory that the more questions we ask about Rihanna’s beauty routine, the closer we get to uh, being Rihanna. That, dear friends, is called science. Read on for some insight from Arellano, and check out the gallery for our favourite RiRi moments.

On Rihanna’s icon status:

LA: “She is definitely as fearless as she appears; that’s what makes her who she is, and that’s why I love working with her.”

On whether there’s a look Rihanna refuses to try:

LA: “Not yet.” (*editor’s note: we like to pretend this was followed by a mischievous wink*) “[She’s] so much fun, and unexpected every time. She’s so open to try[ing] new things, she makes it easy!”

On Rih’s everyday beauty routine:

LA: “Lots of moisturizer, brow pencil and red lips. She knows how to care for her skin and has always agreed that throwing on a red lip completes [a look]!”

On different looks for different events:

LA: “Onstage makeup is definitely more prep work; you have to work with primers, concealers that will stay put, and waterproof everything. You never know how hot the temperature will get out there, especially with so much movement. [For a] fashion show or red carpet, makeup is varied depending on wardrobe and hair. [But I] always make sure [to] use camera ready-makeup! Less is more.”

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