Chase and Status talk about Rihanna

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Saul Milton and Will Kennard, better known as Chase and Status, have become one of the biggest names in drum’n’bass over the past two years. In their recent interview they mentioned our girl, Rihanna.
Indeed, Saul and Will have racked up an impressive list of collaborations over the past three years. When asked which artists they had had the most fun working with, Will answered Rihanna. This seemed unusual for a group so renowned for their electro work, but he continued:

“She has such a sense of humour. We were quite conscious about the decision to work together at first, because we didn’t know how she’d be. She’s so down to earth and unaffected though. We basically spent two great weeks in the studio taking the piss, throwing insults back and forth. There were lots of jokes and some amazing music too.”

And the reputation has its advantages; the group admit that they are fortunate enough not to have to work with people they don’t like.

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