Throwback Thursday: What’s My Name?

Oh, how the time flies! – you can hear that all the time, from a friend, a member of the family or a fan. When it comes to Rihanna, with all her success, it is really hard to follow up – record after record, number 1 after number 1, successful fashion collaborations. It really hit […]

Throwback Thursday: Rihanna meets Eminem

Throwback Thursday: Rihanna meets Eminem

We are back! This Throwback Thursday post will be dedicated to all Rihanna and Eminem collaborations. The topic was inspired by the fact that this week marks 3 years since their last collaboration – The Monster – has been announced. Time flies, huh? But how did it happen? When in 2010 Eminem let the world know that Rihanna is going […]

Throwback Thursday: We Found Love

And we are back once again. On Tuesday we celebrated “We Found Love’s” fourth birthday! Time flies, huh? The multiplatinum single, the song that opened the doors for Calvin Harris’ international career, the anthem, the flawless tune, timeless record, record-breaking Hot 100 Number 1 song, premiered on September 22, 2011. So today we are celebrating its […]

Throwback Thursday: Rock in Rio 2011

We are back with our weekly “Throwback Thursday” posts. Today we are going to look back at Rihanna’s Rock in Rio 2011 performance. The show took place on September 23rd, 2011 in Rio de Janeiro and was a part of her highly successful LOUD Tour. Rihanna took Rock in Rio, one of the biggest music […]

Rihanna at the MET Ball over the years

She was given the Fashion Icon Award just in 2014 but she has been an awe-inspiring trendsetter for years. MET Ball is the biggest celebration of fashion. Rihanna walked the red carpet five times already and is supposed to do it again tonight. We are so excited to see what she wears tonight as she […]

Throwback Thursday: What’s My Name? on X Factor

I know it has been a while since the last Throwback Thursday post (almost a month!) but today I am back. Don’t forget you can give me ideas for the next posts by tweeting me (@RihannaReplay). I bet many of you remember how successful Rihanna’s LOUD Era was, especially the ‘What’s My Name?’ single that […]

Throwback Thursday: Rihanna and Ellen von Unwerth

Throwback Thursday: Rihanna and Ellen von Unwerth

It’s Throwback Thursday and I am back with a new post. I am still amazed how great the Esquire UK photoshoot is so I decided to make a post about all the photoshoots Ellen von Unwerth and Rihanna have done together. Ellen is a famed photographed who has worked with Rihanna on couple of occasions […]

Throwback Thursday: Russian Roulette live on Skavlan

On October 20, we celebrated the 5th birthday of ‘Russian Roulette‘, iconic single from Rihanna’s fourth studio album ‘Rated R’. It is one of my favourite songs and tackles the issue I think all of us can relate to. Her performance of this song on a Norwegian-Swedish television talk show Skavlan is one of my […]

Throwback Thursday: Rihanna receives her first Grammy Award

Throwback Thursday: Rihanna receives her first Grammy Award

2015 will mark Rihanna’s 10th year in the music industry. Time flies, right? Throwback Thursday series brings you back to 2008 today. It was a phenomenal year for Rihanna and the year she got her first ever Grammy Award. Let’s go back to 2007 for now, the moment Rihanna’s star started to shine brighter than […]

Throwback Thursday: 2012 Hackney Weekend

Throwback Thursday is back to once again take you back in time to the most iconic moments of Rihanna’s career. I bet all of you have your favourite Rihanna performance or at least can point out some that would end up on Top 3 list. Hackney Weekend is one of her performances I would definitely […]