Help request

Hello guys. I need your help. I am writing my Master of Arts thesis about blogging/microblogging and I am looking for people who blog on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr or anywhere in the Net (as regular blog such as this one) in English even though it’s not their mother tongue. The questionnaire I would love you to fill […]

Welcome to the new Rihanna Replay!

As we wanted to celebrate LOUD era we decided to put up new layout. The layout is as bright as Loud era is. Make sure to buy Rihanna’s latest album ‘Loud’ because it’s amazing! Rihanna Navy better get ready for LOUD TOUR which kicks off in October 2011. We hope you like the layout.

How Could Rihanna Take Back Chris Brown?

Sorry for the lack of updates but my laptop is broken AGAIN :/ 🙁 While Rihanna and Chris Brown’s reconciliation after an alleged abuse incident has shocked family and friends, domestic violence experts say it’s all too common for a woman to return – often repeatedly. In fact, experts say, it’s unrealistic to expect women […]

Suprise: New Layout!!

Okay, here’s my little suprise!! 😀 I’ve decided to change the previous layout because it wasn’t that great as I thought at the first time, lol. Soooo… I hope you like it 😉 I’m officially back and ready to update the site frequently. EDIT: I’m still changing some things (sections, etc.) so not everything may […]

From cutenews to wordpress

Yay! Finally I learnt how to code layout in wordpress, lol. I decided to change it because I think wordpress is more comfortable than cutenews. Also, I’m really sorry for the lack of updates but I’m working on my Shontelle site very hard – but don’t worry, I won’t leave RFO 😉 P.S. Tamara is […]