Te Amo

The music video for “Te Amo” was shot over two days on April 29 and 30, 2010, in Vigny, France] and was directed by long time collaborator Anthony Mandler. Whilst on set for the video, photographs were released; they featured Rihanna wearing a vibrant Mara Hoffman maxi dress, which cost over $1,000. French supermodel Laetitia Casta played the role of a femme fatale and the apparent love interest of Rihanna.

In the video, Rihanna plays Casta’s lesbian love interest. Casta arrives at the castle in a car, and steps out with a very provocative outfit, and meets Rihanna who is waiting inside. Throughout all of the video, Casta tries to seduce Rihanna whilst Rihanna initially resists, but eventually gives in to Casta’s charm. First, she meets Rihanna in the living room and catches her eye. In the next scene, the couple are shown on top of a table with ultraviolet lighting and Casta rubs her head on Rihanna’s legs.

They are then shown outside the castle and Rihanna falls to the ground in despair while Casta looks on. Soon, they are shown in a room full of male dancers and Rihanna begins to feel more comfortable around her admirer. The last two scenes are Rihanna and Casta in PVC bondage outfits kissing on a bed in a darkened room, and then at a burning table, looking away from each other.

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