Take a Bow

The music video was directed by Anthony Mandler. The video was shot in Venice, Los Angeles on April 3, 2008.

The video begins with Rihanna standing in front of a black backdrop for the opening of the song. As the first verse starts, the scene is intercut with another of Rihanna looking out the window at her boyfriend and standing behind the front door as he approaches and asks to come in. As Rihanna walks way from the door singing the lyrics “Don’t tell me your sorry cos you’re not”, the viewer realizes that her boyfriend has perhaps done something wrong and been unfaithful.

During the first chorus and second verse, Rihanna is shown in a different outfit, this time sitting in a silver car in a garage. As Rihanna pulls out of the garage and onto the street, her ex-boyfriend walks alongside the car as she drives and begs her to forgive him; she pulls away. For the bridge, Rihanna is shown sitting on a bed as well as in front of the black backdrops as she reads a text message from her ex-boyfriend, who asks to meet her.

During the last chorus, Rihanna appears in a different outfit and walks into a lounge, where she puts some clothes on a table and then sits on a sofa. As her ex-boyfriend walks in, the singer gets up and walks over to the clothes, where she withdraws some matches and strikes one, dropping it on what is made aware to be some of her ex-boyfriends clothes. As the song comes to and end, Rihanna walks out of the room whilst he tries to put out the fire.

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