Shut Up And Drive

Rihanna filmed the music video for “Shut Up and Drive” in a makeshift junkyard placed in Prague, the Czech Republic. It was directed by Anthony Mandler, who directed the videos for Rihanna’s 2006 singles “Unfaithful” and “We Ride”. The video was released, June 25, 2007, on the iTunes Store in the US. It begins with Rihanna, seen driving a car to a junkyard. As she enters the junkyard, the song begins. Many girls are repairing broken cars and Rihanna joins them while singing the song. Other scenes, showing Rihanna dancing on a car, are intercut. As the video progresses Rihanna and the girls get out from the junkyard and go to a race stage. Then, she is seen singing the songs lyrics to the drivers. Later, she becomes a car race starter and on her sign the both drivers begin their race. Scenes of Rihanna climbed on a navigate stair are shown. In the near end of the video, Rihanna is seen dancing and singing the song on a microphone together with her band, while wearing a black dress with white dots.

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