Russian Roulette

The music video opens with shots of Rihanna hooded, lying on the floor of a gas chamber. Three men, dressed in black uniforms and wearing dark round glasses, are moving around her. One of the men plays creepy sounds as the song starts, trying to extort information from her. The scene then moves to another room of the prison, lit by a dim lamp and cooled by a small fan, in which Rihanna, dressed in black, is about to face an interview with her love interest, played by American actor Jesse Williams.

On the table between them there is a silver revolver. Other scenes includes Rihanna in the woods where a car runs over her and while her heart bleeds. Elements of blood and tears and vehicular assault dominate the video. In the end, Rihanna is underwater where she is shot several times. The video ends with her lover committing suicide with the revolver that was placed between them.

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