Love the Way You Lie

Rihanna sings the chorus in front of a burning house, while an interspersing scene shows fire on a woman’s (Fox) palms. In another scene, the woman is asleep with her lover (Monaghan) and wakes up. Eminem begins to rap in an open field. The woman attacks her lover after seeing the name “Cindy” and a phone number written on his hand. He unsuccessfully tries to kiss the woman and brings her back after she attempts to leave him. The man then pushes her onto the wall and aims his fist at her, puncturing the wall instead. After Rihanna sings again, the video flashes back to when the couple first meet “at a seedy dive bar next door” to a liquor store. The man steals a bottle of vodka and they kiss on the rooftop.

During the present, the man apologizes to his lover and they are reconciled. In another flashback, he attacks someone who plays pool with his lover. Eminem joins Rihanna in front of the burning house for the final verse. Meanwhile, after the flashback, the woman comes home and locks herself in the bathroom to stop her abusive lover from entering. In another scene, the fire on her palms vanish as she clasps her hands. Flames later engulf Eminem and the couple, who are then shown fighting in front of the burning house. In the end, the couple stay together and the video returns to their first scene, in which they sleep.

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