If I Never See Your Face Again

The song’s accompanying music video was directed by Anthony Mandler, and shot on an indoor soundstage in Castaic, California on April 23, 2008. The concept for the video was “high-end erotica”. In an interview with James Montgomery for MTV News whilst on set of the music video, Levine provided a summary of what the video would entail, saying:

“It’s this kind of ultra-glamorous, photography-based, late-’70s/ early-’80s situation. It’s really stylish and really beautiful … It’s the most choreographed thing I’ve ever done, because usually I just get up there and screw around. But with Rihanna, it’s completely different and so cool.”

In response, Rihanna continued to say that:

“I don’t do a lot of videos where I have so much chemistry with the other artist, and this is only my second duet in a video … It’s really intense, because you have to work with each other so much. It’s new for me, but I’m enjoying it.”

The video begins with Levine and Rihanna sitting opposite each other at a table, tapping their hands and staring at one and other. As the songs audio begins to play, band members of Maroon 5 start to play their instruments as Rihanna sits and watches them. The table and band scenes are intercut with each other for the first verse and chorus. For the second verse, Levine and Rihanna appear to argue and try to ignore the other’s advances. Rihanna lays suggestively on a bed whilst Levine sits on a chair with his head turned in the opposite direction for the bridge. For the final chorus, the pair appear to reconcile and embrace each other. The video was made available to download digitally via iTunes on May 12, 2008.

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