Don’t Stop The Music

The accompanying music video for “Don’t Stop the Music” was directed by Rihanna’s regular collaborator Anthony Mandler. It was shot in a nightclub in Prague, Czech Republic. The choreography in the video is made by Tina Landon. The “Don’t Stop the Music” video was digitally released on iTunes, July 26, 2007. It reached number two on MTV’s former video countdown show Total Request Live.

The video begins with Rihanna and two of her friends arriving at a nightclub in a yellow taxi. After they get out of the car, they enter a candy store where is a boy standing with his mother. As Rihanna tells the boy not to tell anyone where they are going, the singer and her two friends sneak into the back of the candy store where is a secret entrance to a nightclub. This is intercut with scenes of Rihanna chanting the song’s lyrics against a wall and dancing in the club. As she enters the club, Rihanna is shown in a restroom, checking her make-up as she sings the lyrics. The singer then leaves the restroom, and returns to the dance-floor as the chorus begins to play. As the video progresses, the singer is shown dancing with her friends and singing the song. The people in the club clap to the beat of Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”‘s music sample.

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