The music video for “Disturbia” begins in a surrealistic torture chamber where Rihanna is seen dressed in black, wearing a dark make-up and having long black nails while she presses the keys of a big dark piano and looks into the camera. As the song starts different images of Rihanna are shown.

In one of the scenes she is seen imprisoned wearing lenses that make look as if her eyes have rolled into the back of her head. Rihanna stays in the prison with two men watching on her from the both sides. Other scenes include Rihanna sitting on a throne chair and singing the song, while two strange women are around her. Then, multiple people around her are holding her in front of a gas chamber. As the chorus starts Rihanna is seen tied up in a bed from which she can’t get out. At the bridge of the song Rihanna and her dancers are performing a Thriller-esque dance routine.

As the second verse starts, Rihanna is seen holding a column and fire is around her. As the song continues, Rihanna drags a man doll around a metal web. In the second chorus she wears a metal spines corset while one tarantula is upon her arm. In the later scene, Rihanna is in a very tiny room, with her hands and legs been tied up. The video ends with Rihanna turning around on her chair.

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