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Fenty Beauty Galaxy by Rihanna

If you are a make-up freak, like many of us, you probably know that holiday collections are usually all about glitter. However, for 2017 Holiday Rihanna does it slightly different. Cuddled in a jewel toned iridescent packaging, you will find three shades of Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner, four shades of Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick, Galaxy 14-color Eyeshadow Palette, three shades of Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter and a 2-way Eyeshadow Brush. The eyeliner, when rubbed, releases glitter you have never seen before. The collection is available was Fenty Beauty, Harvey Nichols and Sephora.

“Glitter on glitter on glitter. That’s what The Galaxy Collection is all about, no exception.” – Rihanna

Fenty Beauty Galaxy is the collection the Universe needed. Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free.


1. Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner

Shimmer into a new colour orbit with limited edition Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner. This transforming metallic-to-glitter liquid eyeliner goes where no other has gone before by letting you choose your own finish.

Low-key metallic or high-impact sparkle? Eclipse delivers both worlds in one with its revolutionary blend of intense pigment and pearlescence that dries to a sleek, metallic finish. And it doesn’t stop there. Rub when dry to reveal a surprising glitter effect. The power to go from day to play – literally at your fingertips.

Born in three otherworldly shades, Eclipse’s precision bristle tip and smooth-glide formula were made for effortless application. Choose your finish; wear as a metallic liner, or rub when dry with your finger or brush for a custom glitter effect.

2. Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter

Transform your lips, your look, your world. Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter is a triple threat fusion of pigment, glitter, and gloss that takes sparkle to astronomical new heights.

Each hue is packed with iridescent glitter and drenched in mirror-like shine for a mega dose of multidimensional shimmer in just one swipe. Unlike other glitter glosses, Cosmic Gloss is designed to be unbelievably smooth and creamy for out-of-this-world shine plus phenomenal comfort.

Glide over the entire lip for a full-on hyper-glitz finish, or dab over lipstick at the centre of the lips for a subtle light-reflecting effect.Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection: Eyeshadow Palette rihanna-fenty.com

3. Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

A limited edition glitter eyeshadow palette of 14 stardusted shades that range from sheer, glittering topcoats to smoky, shimmer-drenched hues designed for accessorising any eye look.

Oh-Zone – Platinum Glitter Topcoat
Xtra Terrestrial – Smoky Moss With Iridescent Green Glitter
Mars On Fire – Copper Rose Glitter Topcoat
Cosmic Ocean – Aqua Glitter Topcoat
Ultraviolit – Smoky Violet With Iridescent Glitter
Lightyear – Smoky Charcoal With Gold Glitter
Midnight Bolt – True Blue With Superfine Glitter
Meteor Crush – Pink And Gold Glitter Topcoat
Sublime – Mint And Gold Glitter Topcoat
Planet Ex – Smoky Brown With Iridescent Glitter
Space Owt – Smoky Grape With Holographic Blue Glitter
Jupiter Sand – Smoky Chocolate With Iridescent Purple Glitter
Milky Way – Ivory With Iridescent Glitter
Sunburst – Amber With Gold Glitter

Launch eyes into a new glittersphere with Fenty Beauty’s limited edition Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette. Hyper-reflective sparkle meets a rainbow of 14 celestial-inspired colours that range from sheer, glittering topcoats to smoky, shimmer-drenched hues. Like jewellery for your eyes, these glimmering eyeshadows and topcoats are the ultimate accessory to every look.

From smoky violet with iridescence to gold glitter on mint, Galaxy is studded with unique colour and glitter combos that deliver a phenomenal 3D effect. Featured in a sleek, oversized jewel-inspired case, this transformative palette is full of infinite ways to get mega-lit.

4. Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick

When the stars align… metal and cream collide in Fenty Beauty’s Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick. This shimmering lip colour delivers the look and feel of your favourite lip balm dipped in liquefied jewels.

In four lustrous limited edition shades, Starlit’s colour-soaked micro shimmers reflect a jewel chrome sheen that’s buildable to your desired level of impact.

And thanks to their irresistibly creamy texture, you get all the glitz, minus the grit, so lips look and feel beyond stellar. Swipe over lips and build to your desired level of impact.

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection: Eyeshadow Brush rihanna-fenty.com

5. 2-way Eyeshadow Brush

A limited edition, double-ended eyeshadow brush custom-cut for the stardusted shades in Fenty Beauty’s Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette, with a petite end for smudging and a plush end for blending.

Shoot for the moon, land among the stardust; The Galaxy 2-Way Eyeshadow Brush takes glitter eyeshadow application to stellar new heights. Created alongside Fenty Beauty’s Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette, its convenient dual-ended design features two essential eyeshadow brush shapes – the smudger and blender – now optimised for picking up and layering glimmering colour.

Super soft, synthetic bristles are expertly tapered to pick up and apply shimmer with ease and control. Featuring short, tightly-packed bristles on the petite end for targeted application and smudging, and fuller, medium-density bristles on the plush end for effortless all over blending.

Designed for use with Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette. Use the petite end to line and smudge across the upper and lower lash lines. Use the plush end for all over eyeshadow application and blending.