FENTYxPUMA fall/winter 16

The collection premiered at New York Fashion Week in February 2016 and hit the stores in September 2016. The full collection follows the release of the Creeper, the Trainer and the Fur Slide – the first three collaborations between Rihanna and sport giant.

The collecton is comprised of black, white and grey colours. You will find everything you need and imagined from the sport brand blended with a glamour touch: pencil skirts, bandanas, maxi dresses, platforms, wedges, caps, bras and lot of sweatshirts and shirts, all inspired by Japanese street culture. As Rihanna said in February 2016:

“We use a lot of basic colours, black, white, grey because I wanted to keep it sporty. We step out of the sporty silhouettes at times, a lot of times stepped out of the sporty fabrics. Like this one is jersey on the inside, but it’s velvet on the outside.”

The items prices range from 50-425 euro for the clothes from the first drop. FENTY (Rihanna’s last name) written in Japanese can be seen on the clothes throughout the whole collection. As Rihanna told the AP: “I’ve always been inspired by Japanese style.”

The official launch took place in New York on September 6th, when Rihanna launched the line at pop-up shops at Foot Locker and Bergdorf Goodman.

“This collection is kind of dark, but very oversized and long, everything is extra and I love it. It’s something I definitely wear all the time and you either have to be into it or not.”

Head-to-toe in PUMA, Rihanna was greeted by hundreds of fans who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the exclusive range.

The clothes are very comfortable, to much the brand’s agenda. Rihanna herself said she thinks that comfort will always be in fashion. “They always say fashion is supposed to be uncomfortable, or whatever they say about that, and it’s true, most of my shoes are. But if I can be stylish in something that actually feels good and I don’t have to suck in my stomach when I’m wearing it, it’s a big deal.”

To shop the collection, head over to PUMA’s official website and check retailers like Zalando.