Barbados Tourism

In 2005 Rihanna signed with Barbados Tourism and became the official face of tourism for Barbados and subsequently featured in many of their advertising campaigns.

In 2011 the Barbados Tourism Authority and Rihanna inked 3 year marketing deal. The popular and sultry singer, who grew up on the Caribbean island, has agreed to assume the post because she says she wants visitors to experience the “spirit and warmth” of Barbados residents.

“Barbados is a place like no other and one of the reasons for this is the spirit and national pride of our people,” Rihanna said in a statement. “I want each and every visitor to this beautiful island to experience what makes this destination different from all others, and that is the spirit and warmth of my fellow Barbadians.”

Rihanna kicked off the partnership on August 5, 2011 during her concert in Barbados.

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