BTA and Rihanna are going to Brazil

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The Barbados Tourism Authority yesterday unveiled the first phase of the three-year Rihanna deal which will see the top rated entertainer headed to Brazil with a Bajan team next month.

Chairman of the BTA, Adrian Elcock told a post-Rihanna concert press conference that the Facebook page campaign would be launched soon, and also announced that a recorded version of the legendary local concert should be coming to televisions soon. Though not specifying what stations or whether it would be shown here as well as on several of the networks they were looking at for the viewing, Elcock said this was just one part of the first phase of the deal. He revealed that on the Facebook page, the star would indicate several of her favourite places on the island and the Barbados flag would be prominently displayed on her website as a means of “reinforcing national pride”.

Along with the promotional programmes that she will be involved in, Elcock said Rihanna would be headed to Sao Paulo, Brazil for a major campaign there.

“We are in the process, during the period September 17 to 21, I believe, she will be doing four appearances in Brazil. We are going to have a major celebration in Sao Paulo where we are going to try to recreate some level of Barbadiana using local performers we will carry from here, using local food to create the ambience. We are also going to anchor that with a meet and greet with persons of influence in Brazil [who] we believe … can get persons to come to Barbados, and Rihanna will have a chance to interact with those persons.”

Additionally, Elcock said there would be advertising and local media around her shows in Brazil. According to the contract that is being negotiated with the BTA, Barbados will also be allowed to use the star’s image in two campaigns per year over the course of the three-year deal, and the BTA president said they were already working on ideas as to how this can be maximised.

Source: Barbados Today

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