Behind The Scenes: Rihanna and Chris relationship

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I’ve got this e-mail from an anonymous person (thanks though!), I don’t know if it’s 100% sure but we will see…

“Rihanna & Chris Brown broke up 2 weeks ago. Rihanna didn’t want to break up with Chris but he was done with her. Management forced him to act “lovey” for the Clive Davis party. He didn’t want to. Rihannas publicist in confidence asked him to the same. He agreed. They attended the Clive Davis party together. Management asked for Chris to drive with Rihanna in his car after the event was over for paparazzi pictures. Rihanna started acting like they were in a relationship still, not realizing that it was indeed over. Chris told her he wasn’t really with her, it was for publicity and that she needed to get it through her head that it was over. Adding insult to injury, Chris PICKED up a girl he had a date with that night WHILE Rihanna was in the car. Turns out Chris moved on with this new chick. Very childish for doing all this in front of Rihanna. Rihanna snapped, the situation got crazy. Rihanna punched Chris in the face while she was screaming, he hit started hitting her back. Noticing there was blood, the girl panicked and called 911. As of right now, Rihanna’s headed to Barbados. Chris is being flown out. The other “girl” is in questioning. Both Rihanna & Chris’s team are trying to get her to side with them. If she testifies as eye witness saying Rihanna was the injured party, she could put Chris in jail for a maximum of 12 years. If the girl testifies stating Rihanna indeed made the first punch and if Chris’s attorneys can spin it in court, Chris can get off his charges all together. A lot is at stake. Also, there’s proof lingering around. Rebel One Management is trying to stop it from leaking to the media and keep it strictly for legal affairs to try protect themselves if a case does happen. Rihanna’s team doesn’t want her to press charges as it will damage her name and career. Rihanna’s being pressured and most likely will seize to press charges. The eye witness, the other “girl”, is the most valuable piece to this puzzle.. I can’t reveal the other girl as of right now, she is a well known personality but she is in custody and NOBODY knows who she is. So if I reveal it, it will be obvious that the information leaked within the inner circle. You will be in shock when you find out who.”

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