ANTI World Tour: What We Know So Far

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LiveNationUK: It’s been three years since we last heard any new music from Rihanna and nearly as long since we’ve seen her live. That’s all about to change.

Last week, Rihanna broke her seemingly endless silence by revealing the ANTIdiaRy app. Exciting, right? It wasn’t until last night that we got a little bit more info about what’s to come from RiRi, when she revealed the full dates for her 2016 ANTI World Tour. Here’s what we know about it so far….

1. It’s big. Like, really big.

Between February and August next year, our RiRi will perform over 70 shows across 16 countries on both sides of the Atlantic. We’ve crunched the numbers and worked out she’ll be playing to nearly a million people across the run. One. Million. People. Try and get your head round that.

2. It’s not just one pony show. The supports are big, too.

If you live in North America, Travis Scott will be opening for her, while in the UK and Europe, we’ve got Big Sean and The Weeknd.

3. There will be an album to accompany the tour, too. We think.

Rihanna’s been teasing the release of ‘ANTI’ now for over a year, so it’s got to be coming soon, right? RIGHT? We haven’t got much to go on yet other than artwork (that’s above) but there is speculation it might come sooner than we thought.

4. Tickets go on sale next week. NEXT WEEK, GUYS!

TIDAL subscribers will be able to pick theirs up from 10am on Monday, November 30th, before they go on general sale on Thursday, December 3rd. Keep your eyes on the Live Nation tickets page for links.

5. Did we mention the dates yet?

No? Okay, here you go. The full list of all the confirmed dates can be seen here. 

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