Adam Lambert praises Rihanna’s concert: “I was floored”

Adam Lambert, the For Your Entertainment hitmaker, recently caught the ‘Diamonds’ singer’s show in Detroit and admits her singing skills blew him away.

Speaking to Laura Whitmore for The Hot Desk, he said:

“I like Rihanna‘s Instagram page because she’s so fun to look at. She’s so gorgeous. I went to her concert in Detroit a couple weeks ago. It was the night before I had a concert there. I knew it was going to be a great show anyway because I know the songs, but I was blown away. It was such a good show … the design and everything was really gorgeous and she really like delivered some vocals! Especially towards the end of the show. I was floored … I was really impressed, actually.”

Check out the video of Adam talking about Rihanna below.

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I am a fan since 2005, a stan since 2007. She is empowering, daring, fearless and anything anyone always dreams to be in their lives. She also makes amazing music and never fails to surprise her fans.

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