New Mattemoiselle lipsticks to be sold separately

New Mattemoiselle lipsticks to be sold separately

December 17, 2018 0 By Paula

Rejoice, beauty lovers! We asked and Fenty Beauty answered our prayers. The new Christmas Mattemoiselle lipsticks that were only available in 10/10 set will be sold separately! To announce it, Rihanna posted a beautiful promotional photo of herself wearing the Tiger Tini shade in perfect red-orange. Lipsticks will be available for purchase on December 26th (Wednesday) on Fenty Beauty, Sephora and Harvey Nichols!

This year Mattemoiselle lipsticks that premiered a year ago come in 10 new vibrant shades: Violet Fury (vivid violet), Pumpkin Rose (rich marigold), Flamingo Acid (bright berry), Dragon Mami (tropical papaya), I Quit (true mink), F’n Black (navy black), Turks and Caicos (deep teal), Ballerina Blackout (loud bubblegum), Thicc (sultry mauve), and Tiger Tini (exotic orange).

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle 10/10 on skin

Rihanna posted new promotional photos of herself wearing Turks and Caicos, Flamingo Acid, Pumpkin Rose and Thicc.