Sledgehammer to be released tomorrow!

Rihanna took her Instagram to tease her fans once again. She posted a Star Trek video with the caption: Got something for y’all tomorrow. We can all assume it means we get to listen to Sledgehammer tomorrow. Some sources claim the song will premiere at 5 a.m PST (8 a.m EST).

We first learned about Sledgehammer being released a couple of days ago, when an iTunes banner popped out and revealed the single cover.

We cannot wait!


  1. You know u be Shitty???? Sharp…lol Loving you girl.. ????????????????????????

  2. I missed u in Chicago… Ugh… Can’t wait for Sledgehammer…..loving all ur Music.. Videos Expecially Kiss it better.. My Favorite

  3. Can’t wait. RiRi.. For the Sledgehammer…

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