Flawless Flashback Friday: American Idol 2011

December 19, 2014 0 By Kareem


Another Friday, another awesome flashback. It’s time for Flawless Flashback Friday!

April 15, 2011: Rihanna gave an absolutely remarkable performance of  “California King Bed“, her 4th promotional single from her 5th studio album Loud, at the American Idol. This particular performance is without a doubt Rihanna’s most underrated live performance ever, in my honest opinion of course. Her vocals were on point and her attitude during the performance was both sexy & queenly. As for her outfit, she wore a stunning Carlos Miele gown that looked breath-taking on her. You can watch her performance and get your wig snatched below.

Hair? Flawless. Dress? Flawless. Vocals? Flawless….Ok this isn’t a Beyonce fansite let me stop. She looked and sounded flawless and I honestly can’t believe WHY and HOW could I neglect this performance for so long. I remember last watching this performance a couple of years back and I remember not really liking it, But now that I’ve watched it after so long I’m totally in love with it! Let’s say Thank GOD! for Flawless Flashback Friday, shall we?