Rihanna on the set of ‘What Now’ music video

September 18, 2013 0 By Paula

Rihanna shared some photos from the set of ‘What Now’ music video on her Instagram. RiRi is in Thailand right now so we expect something big and new. ‘What Now’ is the new single off ‘Unapologetic’.

Chillin on set! #WhatNow http://instagram.com/p/eYjYnlhM2X/

She. x Boredom http://instagram.com/p/eYjZx2hM2Z/

Shit getting real az phuck out here in Thailand!! #whatnow #shoot #its9amthenextdayandweaintleftyet… http://instagram.com/p/eYjkaiBM2n/

Rihanna took her Twitter to thank the people involved in making the music video.

And that’s a wrizzap!!! 11 am #WhatNow #videoshoot

A special thank you to my #UprisingCreative team for being so phucking ON IT and really taking my vision to a whole new level!

The local crew here in Thailand are epic! They pulled this shit off like it was nothing! Thank you!! #teamnosleep #whatnow