Diamonds World Tour: London

June 16, 2013 1 By Paula


Rihanna took the stage at the Twickenham stadium last night. She performed in front of more than 55K people and is going to do that again tonight. Maria Sharapova, a tennis player, and Kylie Minogue attended the concert. After the concert, Rihanna posted on her Instagram a photo of the crowd with the caption:

“Ya just HAD to be there!! #London you are forever mine ! #TWICKENHAMSTADIUM The love in this phucking place tonight!! So glad my family was here to witness this!!! Shit like this makes me proud to be Bajan!!! #foreign #stadiumkilla #soldthePHUCKowt”

| 15 June ~ Concert in London, UK | 42 photo(s).

Before the concert she was photographed when she was leaving her hotel in London.
| 15 June ~ Rihanna leaving her hotel in London | 40 photo(s).