More Rihanna interviews

April 5, 2012 0 By Paula
  • Rihanna recently had a chat with BBC’s Steve Wright. Click here and to listen to Rihanna, talking about “Where Have You been”, “Battleship” and more.
  • Rihanna on “Battleship” for Australia’s Herald Sun

“I didn’t know whether I would love it or hate it, but acting was always something I wanted to try. I didn’t expect it to be this big for getting my feet wet, but I’m really enjoying the experience. Every day is a new learning experience, because I didn’t really know – I still don’t, I am just going with it – what acting was. Being on a movie set, the whole process of it, the green screen, working with other actors, it’s all very new to me. With everything I do, I am such a perfectionist. So there are butterflies in my stomach every time they say ‘action’. I still don’t know if it’s what they want, everything is new to me, but I’m learning from the best.” And while life in Baton Rouge might be a far cry from the glamorous jet-setting life-style with which she is associated, Rihanna says she is enjoying the change of pace. “I am used to getting on a plane every day, if not twice a day, and travelling a lot. So I am really enjoying being in one place for one project. It’s more focused and a lot slower in pace. I could definitely get used to this.”

  • NRJ France is going to air a new Rihanna interview on April 11. See a short promo here.
  • During her stay in UK, Rih talked to MTV Greece about the lyrics of “We Found Love”, “Love”, the bleach blonde hair and more. Watch the interview below.