Chris Martin talks about Rihanna and ‘Princess of China’

October 31, 2011 0 By Paula

In his recent interview with PitchFork, Chris Martin was asked about Rihanna and ‘Princess of China’ once again. Below you can read what he said about the song and our girl.

On this album, the song with Rihanna, “Princess of China”, started out acoustic, with no drums and all the boys just playing in a circle. And then little noises start coming out that gave the song its identity. Everything on this record went through that process.

Pitchfork: Did you guys actually record in the studio with Rihanna?

CM: I played the song on piano for her in the studio, but then she went away with her magic team and turned it into greatness. I was just like, “However you like to sing, please do that.” [laughs] She has my favorite singing voice– except for Bruce Springsteen or Stevie Wonder, maybe. It’s so rich, but she’s never showing off. She always puts the song first, not her ego, and gives you these fucking ironclad melodies. I really respond to it.