Shontelle covers Man Down

October 7, 2011 0 By Paula

Shontelle Layne , who is also from Barbados like Rihanna , performed a cover of Rih’s single “Man Down” in her big birthday party yesterday. She also helped co-write the song for Rihanna.

Shontelle also talked about Man Down and having to work with Rihanna :

“When I was writing my part, we were in the studio together, She really works hard. We were at one of her concerts and she literally got straight off the stage, walked right onto the studio bus, and went straight to work.”

The “Impossible” songstress revealed that “Man Down,” which she describes as “very dramatic,” was easy to write based on the duo’s comfort level that came with growing up together. “It was good because it was like, ‘I know you, I know what you need, I know what you want.’”