Rihanna Crowned Queen of the Web

July 27, 2011 0 By Paula

With a robust social media presence, a photogenic face and a drama-free career, Rihanna is not a girl whose popularity—online or offline—should come as a surprise. Just to be sure, PeekYou, a site which specializes in the ranking of celebrity popularity, among other things, has gone ahead and compiled a list of the web’s most frequently searched women. Rihanna, it turns out, is the undisputed queen of the Internet.

“For a ‘celebrity,’ this method of measuring an individual’s digital footprint is an easy way to quantify their media success and coverage (no doubt extremely important to a celebrity’s livelihood); ” explains Raj Ajrawat, General Manager of PeekYou.

Top 10 Most Searched Female Celebrities

1. Rihanna
2. Lady Gaga
3. Katy Perry
4. Adele
5. Emma Watson
6. Kristen Stewart
7. Jennifer Aniston
8. Angelina Jolie
9. Sandra Bullock
10. Anne Hathaway

Source: Roc4Life