Alexander Skarsgard talks about Rihanna with GQ

September 30, 2010 0 By Paula


Aleksander, who plays with Rihanna in ‘Battleship’ talks about her with GQ magazine. Below you can  read what he said:

“(…)[Filming Battleship] is a different experience because Rihanna, we’re out there together for a couple of months. This is her first movie but she’s great, she’s really really good in it and her working… She’s got a crazy schedule. She’s really diligent and I’m impressed. We would work and then she’d fly to LA to perform at the MTV Music Awards and then fly back red eye, land, go straight to set, work all day. No complaints, nothing. She’s really solid.”

In other news: Rihanna is in London right now. All the UK fans should be watchful.