Young Leukemia Patient To Undergo Bone Marrow Transplant

June 11, 2009 0 By Paula

Jasmina Anema, a young Leukemia patient who befriended Rihanna and Kelly Rowland during her fight for life, will undergo a bone marrow transplant tomorrow in New York City, Access Hollywood has learned. Last month, two possible bone marrow donors were found for the 6-year-old, after the pop stars used their fame to help draw attention to youngster’s cancer battle. Jasmina has been suffering from an aggressive form of Leukemia. Following the transplant, Jasmina faces another battle – whether her body will accept or reject the bone marrow. However, the bone marrow transplant gives her a chance to live to her seventh birthday. Rihanna became involved with DKMS, the largest non-profit bone marrow donor organization in the world, last year after she learned about Lisa Gershowitz Flynn, a mom who also needed a bone marrow transplant. Prospective donors can learn how to help others by visiting or