Rihanna was scared of Noisettes drummer beard

June 1, 2009 0 By Paula

Rihanna’s been through some hairy moments recently, but none quite like this. The Umbrella singer was enjoying dinner in New York with the Noisettes when she got a little intimidated by the band’s drummer – and his face-fur. Fluffy sticksman Jamie Morrison explained: “I think she was a bit scared of my beard. It’s massive now and I’ve been growing it for five years. “We were at the table and I kept on looking over and she was looking at me and whispering to another one of her mates. “I reckon they we commenting on my facial hair, she was a little unsure of it I think.” “Put yourself in my position,” said Jamie. “You’re in New York, just done a great show, you know you’re coming back on a private jet and you’re sitting across the table from Rihanna – you think this is insane.”
source: thesun.co.uk