Rihanna gets remixed

December 21, 2008 0 By Paula

Rihanna’s “Good Girl Gone Bad” has been granted an extended life this week. According to Def Jam, 12 tracks from Rihanna’s multi-platinum selling album have been remixed for a special release titled “Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes”.  Remixes of Rihanna’s popular tracks “Take A Bow,” “Umbrella,” “Disturbia” and “Breakin’ Dishes” all made the album.  Soul Seekerz, Moto Blanco, and The WideBoys are among those who have contributed to the disc. “Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes” hits stores and online retailers Jan. 27.
Really…Def Jam, again!  Let GGGB be the hit it is without all these re-releases..It’s a year old now!  Time to gear up for the new album or just give our girl some time to relax. 🙂