Rihanna heads to Ocean’s Eight set

Dreadlocks are back! Rihanna was photographed leaving her apartment and heading to Ocean’s Eight’s set in New York last night. It appears they are filming one of the main scenes, as rumour has it the Met Gala heist that is going to be included is filmed right now. Rihanna donned a pair of $460 Gucci socks and […]

More from Gucci Cocktail Reception

I added more photos of Rihanna at the Gucci launches ‘Tattoo Heart Collection’ cocktail reception that was held at Gucci last night in New York.

Gucci Tattoo Heart Collection

Tamara scanned Rihanna’s Gucci Tattoo Heart Collection ads which are bigger and clearer. I also added the ads without the text. Gucci ‘Tattoo Heart Collection’ Ads Gucci ‘Tattoo Heart Collection’ Scans (HQ & more clear)

Rihanna has Gucci and giving under her umbrella

Rihanna has a foot fetish of sorts. “I love buying stuff — bags and shoes. I love shoes. I love fashion,” the singer says with a sigh. So her new collaboration with Gucci is a deal made in sartorial heaven. She’s the face of the luxe Italian brand’s Tattoo Heart accessory collection. Twenty-five percent of sales from the line will be donated to UNICEF. The collection, on sale through Jan. 31, was kicked off with a glitzy launch party at Gucci’s flagship store Wednesday night. During a joint interview at the Plaza Hotel before the bash, Gucci creative director Frida Giannini said selecting the chart-topping and fashion-forward songstress to front the do-gooder line was a no-brainer. “She represents the perfect Gucci woman. She’s so talented, she’s so fresh, she’s so beautiful,” Giannini says. “She’s putting her face, as a celebrity, to a very right cause that’s dear to all of us.

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More exclusives & cocktail reception photos

I added more exclusive photos that Tamara took at the snowflake lighting in high quality and new photos of Rihanna at the launch of the Tattoo Heart Collection cocktail reception that was held at Gucci. [ RFO Exclusive] Snowflake Lighting Benefiting UNICEF (11/19/08) Gucci launches the Tattoo Heart Collection Cocktail Reception at Gucci (11/19/08)

2008 UNICEF Snowflake Lighting

We will have more from exclusive photos that Tamara took when she went to the event but here are some taken by photographers.

Sneak Peek of UNICEF Gucci e-Film

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the face of a major ad campaign? Go behind the scenes with Rihanna, who is the face of Gucci’s UNICEF 2009 holiday ads, as she works with Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. This e-film documentary showcases Rihanna and Frida on the set of the UNICEF 2009 holiday ad […]