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Rihanna out in Paris
Published by: · Date: 2015/10/06 · Filed Under: Candids, France, Photos

Rihanna was spotted heading to a nightclub in Paris last night. Check the first pictures in our gallery.
| 05 October ~ Rihanna at a nightclub in Paris | 06 photo(s).

[COVER STORY] Rihanna on the cover of Vanity Fair
Published by: · Date: 2015/10/06 · Filed Under: Interviews, Magazine covers, Magazines

Rihanna graces the cover of the November issue of Vanity Fair magazine. In the interview she talks music, sex, Chris Brown and why she’s nobody’s ‘bad girl’. Read the cover story below and see the photoshoot in our gallery


Rihanna is firmly in control of her life and career—but not of her image, which has veered between club-hopping temptress and poster child for victims of domestic abuse. As the 27-year-old readies her long-awaited new album, she talks candidly about the chasm between her reality and her reputation.


| Vanity Fair | 07 photo(s).

What makes Rihanna special—outside of the music—is that she is someone who is genuinely herself. People connect with her. You are seeing the authentic version of who she is. You can see her scars and her flaws…. She’s gone through things that everyone’s gone through—dysfunctional relationships, things that played out in front of everyone’s eyes—and she’s done a real good job of keeping her life private, but just living her life as a young person … unapologetically. You have to have a tough skin in this business; you’re going to hear some things about yourself that you’re going to think, What?? Are you crazy? —Jay Z

I honestly think how much fun it would be to live my reputation. People have this image of how wild and crazy I am, and I’m not everything they think of me. The reality is that the fame, the rumors—this picture means this, another picture means that—it really freaks me out. It made me back away from even wanting to attempt to date. It’s become second nature for me to just close that door and just be O.K. with that. I’m always concerned about whether people have good or bad intentions.

Rihanna sits across the table from me in the private room at Giorgio Baldi, her favorite restaurant in L.A. Her hair is reddish, wavy; her face seems free of makeup. She’s even more beautiful in person than she is in her photos. She’s wearing a white crop top, denim cutoff shorts, Puma sneakers, and a flowing Chinese-patterned robe. When she orders three half-portions of pasta dishes (spaghetti pomodoro with basil, gnocchi, and ravioli), I ask how she maintains her curvy but slim figure. She says, “Legit, I have been in the gym every day this week because I am not willing to give up my food. But I will sacrifice an hour for the gym.” The 27-year-old woman in front of me is not the provocative, wild hip-hop prom queen, the sexy girl allegedly at the center of a jealous, bottle-throwing brawl in a nightclub, nor the habitué of L.A. and New York hot spots 1Oak and Up & Down. Nor is she the woman who has been described as badass, shocking, naughty, tough—pictured in tabloids and online with various rumored rapper/actor/athlete boyfriends. She is elegant, funny, straightforward, and downright horrified (and laughs hysterically) at all of the rumors I toss at her. And while people may assume that her life is just one big, long, sexy night out on the town, she insists it’s not true. I ask about her bad-girl reputation. “Honestly, I’ve been thinking lately about how boring I am,” she says. “When I do get time to myself, I watch TV.” Now we’re off and running, both of us mourning the end of Breaking Bad. She loves Bates Motel and forensics shows. What about NCIS and CSI? “I used to watch them,” she says, “until I found The First 48 [homicide detectives, cold-blooded murders at convenience stores] and Snapped [true stories of women who lost control and committed murder]. Those are things that actually happened in real life,” she says. “I’m stuck on the fact that these things actually happened. All those other things are just made-up stories.”

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Rihanna attends a football match
Published by: · Date: 2015/10/04 · Filed Under: Candids, France, Photos

Rihanna and her mother Monica were seen watching the football match at the Parc des Princes (PSG vs Marseille) tonight. Check out the first photo and come back later for more.

| 04 October ~ PSG/OM soccer match in Paris | 12 photo(s).

Our gallery has been updated with professional photos of Rihanna at the match.
Rihanna leaving the Eiffel Tower
Published by: · Date: 2015/10/04 · Filed Under: Candids, Photos

Rihanna was surrounded by fans as she made her way out of the Eiffel Tower tonight. She was there to have a dinner with her family and friends.

| 04 October ~ Rihanna leaving the Eiffel Tower in Paris | 76 photo(s).

Rihanna at the Eiffel Tower today
Published by: · Date: 2015/10/04 · Filed Under: Candids, France, Photos

Rihanna, her family and friends were spotted heading for dinner at the Eiffel Tower today. Over 80 photos have been added to our gallery. FYI: Rihanna is rocking an amazing Dior jacket.
| 04 October ~ Rihanna visiting the Eiffel Tower with her family in Paris | 84 photo(s).

Rihanna out and about in Paris
Published by: · Date: 2015/10/04 · Filed Under: Candids, France, Photos

Rihanna was spotted dinning at La Flamme pub last night. After attending the Vogue Anniversary party, she was spotted heading to a nightclub.
| 03 October ~ Rihanna out and about in Paris | 20 photo(s).

Rihanna at Vogue 95th Anniversary Party
Published by: · Date: 2015/10/04 · Filed Under: Events, France, Photos

Rihanna attended the Vogue Paris 95th Anniversary Party in Paris tonight. Check out the first gorgeous photos in our gallery. In case you are wondering, she wore Dior.

| 03 October ~ Vogue party in Paris | 21 photo(s).

Rihanna, Kanye West and Travis Scott.

Rihanna spotted at DIOR store in Paris
Published by: · Date: 2015/10/03 · Filed Under: Candids, France, Photos

After grabbing a lunch at L’Avenue restaurant, Rihanna was spotted at the DIOR store on Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

Rihanna at L’Avenue restaurant
Published by: · Date: 2015/10/03 · Filed Under: Candids, France, Photos

Rihanna looks gorgeous as she makes her way into the famous L’Avenue restaurant in Paris today. First high quality pictures were added to our gallery. Check them out!

| 03 October ~ Rihanna at “l’avenue” restaurant in Paris | 15 photo(s).

Rihanna attends Dior fashion show
Published by: · Date: 2015/10/02 · Filed Under: Candids, Fashion, Fashion Shows, France, Photos

Rihanna is currently at the Dior fashion show in Paris. First HQ photos have been added to our gallery. More photos are being added as we write. Rihanna was sitting front row with her mother Monica and brother Rajad.

| 02 October ~ Dior Fashion Show | 59 photo(s).

| 02 October ~ Dior Fashion Show: Inside | 11 photo(s).

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