Rihanna shows off her amazing body in a bikini while vacationing on a yacht with friends in Cannes France yesterday. Check out some photos below, check Just Jared for more. Come back later for HQ photos.CONTINUE READING

Click the thumbnails to see over 200 photos in high quality of Rihanna enjoying her vacation in Calvi, Corsica, France yesterday. Today she arrived in Cannes. | Rihanna in Corsica, France – 1.09 | 222 photo(s). FOLLOW US ON TWITTER to get latest news and photos faster.CONTINUE READING

The vacation is still going and Rihanna decided to go a bit sporty near Italian coast. On August 30th she was photographed while paddleboarding. Yesterday she was spotted in Corsica, France. Check out first HQ photos in our gallery. More to come. | Rihanna paddleboarding in Italy – 30.08 |CONTINUE READING

As we informed you earlier, Rihanna and her friends went shopping in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy two days ago. Click the thumbnails below to see some HQ photos taken that day. | Shopping in Sardinia – 29.08 | 46 photo(s). Yusef, Rihanna’s hairdresser posted a cute photo of him andCONTINUE READING