Rihanna for Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman of 2011”

Check out the behind the scenes video from Rihanna’s photoshoot for Esquire magazine. I can’t wait to see the photos!

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  1. Ugly nose, no titties, too many tattoos. Dont get the fuzz

  2. she’s is not sexy,bye

  3. I think she is a natural beauty.

  4. She may be a natural beauty… but she uses it as if she were a slut… that’s cheap and fake entertainment…
    What’s wrong with those that voted for her to have a status like this…

  5. not sexy ? are you blind ? only idiots would say a girl needs a d cup to be sexy

  6. Nothing sexy about her

  7. Finally, I’ve been saying this for years. She is a very hot woman and she has a very beautiful voice. I love Rihanna

  8. Hmm, they’d better choose a women like Scarlet Johanssen!

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