Wish Rihanna a Happy Birthday! (REMINDER)

As you know, on February 20 Rihanna will celebrate her 23rd birthday. As a fan site we would love to make a birthday fan video for her.
All we want from you, it’s to make a video of you saying ‘Happy Birthday Rihanna’. If you aren’t able to record a video you can take a picture of you holding one of her albums, a poster, her book or something connected with her. If you can’t take a picture, you can e-mail us with your wishes.

1. Video cannot be longer than 40 seconds.
2. You can’t send more than 2 pictures.
3. Text wishes: up to 300 characters
5. And the most important:



EMAIL: HappyBdayRihanna@gmail.com


  1. Happy birthday to you.i love you so much.i need your assistance.thank you:

  2. Oh Yeah It’s a Great Idea ! 😉

  3. riri i wish you happy your birthday and you know that my best frient nicoleta riri fenty is crazy about you please accept your ivite love kaietsi

  4. is that the email adress yu send the pictures and stuff to just curious??

  5. Happy b-day Rih I love u!! #BrazilianNavy

  6. +hey rhianna i like love u i am ur biggest fan in newry i like adore u ur my idole ur my hero i love u i no all ur songs from the start 🙂 will u sometime maybe cud u cme to newry in northern ireland plz i wud love to go to one of ur cpncerts plz i will lakk ways love even more than i already do and thats like love u more than i already do and thats alot xo peace

    p.s i love u girl 🙂

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